Campus Ferran Torres 2018

Last Monday, June 25th, one hundred children aged between 5-16 descended upon Foios for a week of fun in the sun at the inaugural Campus Ferran Torres. It was awesome! I was so impressed by the amount of kids that signed up, I really never expected that!

It was so funny, when I arrived, all the kids were coming up to me, pointing, hands over their mouths, saying: “That’s Ferran Torres!” I just had to laugh. Being recognised is something that I’m still not really used to. It was great fun playing with the kids. I’m a bit of a kid myself, I like to mess around and be silly, so I really enjoyed that.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for delivering such a great week of activities. Thanks to the parents for putting their faith in us, and thanks to the kids for their energy and enthusiasm all week long! Onto the next one!

For more information, please go to the official Campus Ferran Torres website.

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