Ferran Prepares for Next Season

In order to relax, reflect on last season, and prepare myself – both mentally and physically – for the long season ahead, I have decided to spend my summer at home in Foios.

I remember losing something like three kilos in India, thanks to a combination of a packed schedule, some really tough games, and the intense humidity. Then I went straight into first team training for Valencia, at only 67kg. It was tough at first, but I adjusted quickly. Since last October, I’ve gained seven kilos, thanks to a strict diet and workout plan, which puts me back up to 74kg. My style of play is naturally very direct, so I’ve been working closely with the club’s trainers with the overall aim to make my game even more explosive and decisive.

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I won’t be taking any holidays this summer. Instead, I’ll be starting pre-season training on 1st July to ensure that I’m in the best possible shape ready for the first game in August. So between now and then, I’ll be spending time with my family, taxiing my sister around (now that I’m a fully-fledged proprietor of a brand new driving license), enjoying the World Cup (VAMOSSSSS ESPAÑA 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸), and visiting the upcoming Ferran Torres Summer Camp.

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